Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christian the Lion

Okay, so our moderator sent this video clip to us, and when I saw it I was wondering three things...a) why would she send me a video of a lion mauling first thing in the morning; b) wow, it is a good thing the lion was sitting between those guys otherwise they would have been violating the 'sitting too close to another dude' rule; c) at what freaking point did you realize that the lion was too big.

And then I wondered two more things ... yeah I know I said three things but this is our blog so deal. So I wondered were they a) the reason so many places make you pay a pet deposit; and, b) are they in sales because I want to know what kind of game you talk to get your roomie to agree that having a lion cub is a good idea because Mr. Me still cannot talk me into letting him have a parrot.

And after all that, I was like wow, that is kind of jacked up to release a lion into the wilds of Africa after it has grown accustomed to watching cable television and sitting in the climate-controlled house. I could be wrong but I'm thinking that cable and air-conditioning is at a premium on the plains of the Serengeti.

So after all that you know that I had to make a poll so watch the clip and tell me what your answer would be.

what did you think was going to go down in this video clip?
1) lion was going to maul death
2) lion was going to maul almost death
3) lion was going to comment on their manes
4) the dudes were going to set a new land speed record for getting the fk out of dodge
5) dude one was going to push dude two into the lion's path then run like hell

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